Buying Residential Property

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At OWNit, we understand how confusing the conveyancing process can be. When buying property, you undoubtedly want the process to go as smoothly as possible. Going it alone is never a viable option - there are simply too many opportunities for errors to occur. Instead of going through a long, arduous buying process, you should retain our exceptional help.

Why buy a property?

Having your own home means gaining a peace of mind and comfort that renting doesn’t always come with. Moreover, there’s no need to rely on a landlord or deal with a middleman real estate agency about your living arrangements. However, to ensure you’re able to find the most suitable property for your needs, it’s important to engage with professionals who can do so. That’s where we come in.

When you hire OWNit, you get:

First Class Investigation - Our skilled solicitors will investigate all property-related issues, ensuring that there aren't any unpleasant surprises down the line. You'll always know precisely what you're getting, and your risk of being taken for a ride is dramatically decreased.

Impeccable Calculations - Our team will work to calculate water, rates, body corporate levies and other financial adjustments on your behalf. Leave the confusion to us!

Exceptional Protection - At OWNit, our primary goal is to protect your legal rights. Throughout the property buying process, you can rest assured that your rights are covered.

First-Rate Results - We'll get you your title in the most expedient, straightforward way possible.

Unbeatable Coordination - The OWNit team will work to coordinate the efforts of agents, solicitors and banks in order to reach settlement in a timely manner. We are adept at juggling all of these different aspects of the conveyancing process, producing amazing results for our clients again and again.

Prompt Preparation - Documents feature heavily throughout the conveyancing process. By bringing us on board, you don't have to worry about preparing them. Our experienced staff will get all of the legal documents ready for you so that the title is transferred as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Complete Transparency - At OWNit, we don't believe in leaving our clients in the dark. Every step of the way, our professional solicitors will let you know what is happening. You'll always know right where you stand with OWNit.

Fast, Easy Settlement - Our ultimate goal at OWNit, is guiding our clients through to settlement in a streamlined, easy way. We'll handle all the legwork for you when you're buying property. Before you know it, settlement will be complete - and you'll be a proud property owner!

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